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About Us

North Pines Chiropractic Waiting RoomWith a father who was a chiropractor, Dr. Mark Jones grew up with natural chiropractic. His dad started North Pines Chiropractic in 1970. Dr. Mark joined him in 1997. After his father passed away in 2006, Dr. Mark has continued his dad’s legacy of providing outstanding chiropractic care.

Our Mission

Our mission is to utilize proactive care, education and rehabilitation techniques to give early symptom relief with long-lasting results. To inspire health and wellness to the residents of Spokane and surrounding areas.

Seeing Patients Across the Spectrum

From hours-old newborns to active seniors, people of every age and stage can benefit from effective chiropractic care. Kids under care can often avoid common childhood conditions such as ear infections and colic. Parents can have more energy to play with their kids. We also can help workers with back and neck pain. As Amazon is soon to be a new neighbor, we look forward to assisting employees to enjoy prime function.

Helping to Improve Patients’ Quality of Life

When Dr. Mark started practicing his focus was more on relieving pain. “As I’ve matured in practice I’ve become more of a vitalistic type of chiropractor. My focus is not only helping people through their symptoms. It’s also to educate them on the importance of maintenance and wellness care, vitality and quality of life.”

What Sets Our Practice Apart

While many practices have come and gone over the years, our presence here for nearly a half-century helps us stand out. As a patient-focused chiropractic care center, we give people more than what they expect. You will never feel rushed. We will take our time with you, providing customized care to meet your unique needs. We accept “most commercial insurances” in addition to Medicare. Our friendly, helpful staff will bill Auto insurance and Labor and Industries in the case of an injury.

Get Started Today

Experience for yourself how natural and effective chiropractic care can make a difference in your life and health. Contact us today to get scheduled!

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